How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair - Taking Care of your Hair Naturally

 How to Use Coconut Oil for hair

coconut oil for hair

The hair is an important part of the body that is needed to be maintained since this is one part of the body that is first noticed by other people. This piece of writing will talk about how to use coconut oil for hair. The following will show the usage of coconut oil and how it should be applied:

  •          Coconut oil can be used for the growth of hair and it can be done through frequent application of the oil. A small amount of coconut oil will do. It should be left alone for several hours for best results and it is needed to be washed properly when done so that there will be no oil left on the hair.

  •         Coconut oil can act as a sun screen for hair. A small amount of oil should be partly immersed in hot water until it is melted and scattered equally on the water. After such, it should be applied gently using massage-like finger motion then proceed with the brushing of hair for finishing.

  •         There are times that with the use of too much hair products a build up on dandruff on the hair arises. Coconut oil can be used to fight dandruff and can repair the scalp. Before applying the coconut oil, a bath should be done along with the usage of shampoo and hair conditioner. A small amount should be partly submerged on how water until it is melted and scattered evenly on the water. Use the fingers to rub the scalp in a moderate pace. Cover your hair with a piece of cloth most preferably a towel, leaving the coconut oil within and let it stay that for several hours for finest outcome.

  •          Coconut oil can help on the maintenance of your hair health. With only just a mild application of coconut oil daily, the condition and strength of the hair would improve. This is done through just applying the melted coconut oil in the hot water on the hair and the scalp. It should be applied softly.

  •          The coconut oil can also act as a conditioner. The hair should be washed and dried before using the coconut oil. With similar steps as before such as the melting of the oil through hot water, it should also be applied gently using the fingers. When the application of the oil has been done, the hair should be covered with a towel or any clothing and let it immerse for more than 30 minutes to achieve maximum results. After it is done, the hair should be washed again and apply shampoo to remove the oil.

  • ·         Lastly, the coconut oil can be used for lice prevention and treatment. For application, the same procedure with the mentioned above can be used but instead of a towel, a shower cap is most recommendable to seal the oil within for about more or less 2 hours. The cap should be occasionally warmed up; it can be through the use of hair dryer or natural heat such as the heat from the sun. After the cap is removed, the hair should be combed then washed. To finish the prevention and treatment, while the hair is still soaking wet the hair should be saturated with a mixture of 2/3 apple cider vinegar and 1/3 water. After soaking, the hair and scalp should be massage softly with the fingers. After all that, the hair should once again be rinse properly leaving no oil or the mixture.

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