The Battle between Coconut Oils

Topics on coconut oils and its benefits just pops out of nowhere. It comes in different varieties of topics such as the uses, benefits, and other subjects that are related to it. Coconut oil can be divided into two major types of oil and these are the refined oil and unrefined oil.

Hair being one of the major topics for coconut oils, it will be looked into what is the best coconut oil for hair. Seeking which side is best for coconut oil, if it is the refined or the unrefined.

A label that states “Virgin Coconut Oil” actually does not provide added effects but it is just a statement for marketing. The virgin coconut oils are just unrefined oils. These unrefined oils are closer to its natural state with just a few processing and are not yet bleached and deodorized.  This type of oil contains its natural scent making it seem tasty for people or pets but is actually unsanitary. It is also considered that is has less sanitation due to its few processes. The unrefined oil being less processed does not mean that it will be more effective due to the vitamins and minerals that have remained but it should be put into consideration the bacteria and parasites that are left due to its lesser processes. Lastly, this type of oil does not have a long shelf life and is easily spoiled.

Refined oils are the ones that have been processed through bleaching and deodorizing. Even with all the processes the oil have been through, it still has its fatty acids but has lost most of its other nutrients.  The fatty acids that it contains draw proteins to the hair. Refined oils are also cheaper than the unrefined ones making it advantageous on the stand point of money. More than just being cheap, it also has a longer shelf life than the unrefined oils making it a better choice for those who just use a small amount of coconut oil at a time. This type of oil is also has a better sanitation than the other oil because it has undergone several processes, removing bacteria and parasites that lingers within the oil. Moreover, this type of oil is highly available in the market and it comes in several different packaging for different uses.
coconut oil for hair

With all the information mentioned, it seems clear that the best coconut oil for hair is the refined coconut oil due to it being more hygienic and having undergone several processes for certain purposes such as hair growth and maintenance. The lack of nutrients of the refined oils is just those nutrients that do not provide any significant effect when applied to the hair and scalp. The problem with unrefined oil is the lack of processes for certain purposes and with it being easily expired, there are a lot of complaints on its scent when rotten such as the smell of vomit making it uncomfortable for the usage of the user.

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